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Our Products - Credelis

Electronic Paper Displays

Credelis Media Group provides next generation displays - Electronic Paper Displays. With animated messages, and eye popping color graphics, the displays significantly increase customer awareness and sales. The displays are thin, light-weight, and battery powered, which enable them to be easily mounted and integrated into virtually any retail setting.

With 70-80% of purchase decisions made at the retail store environment, Electronic Paper Displays grab attention and effectively influence purchasing decisions when it counts the most; at the point of sale. These displays have a major impact on sales and brand awareness.

Studies conducted by the Nordic School of Retail Management show that sales and consumer engagement increased by 64% and 35% respectively, even with products advertised and regular prices (i.e. no additional deals, sales, or reductions, etc.) when promoted using Electronic Paper Displays.

“The in-store environment has changed, make sure your advertising has too.”